Support Older Adults at Home

Support Older Adults at Home

Caring for older adults in their own home can be an ideal way to help them feel comfortable and happy. However, while caregivers have an incredible desire to assist, some tasks may be too difficult or time-consuming to handle alone. If this is the case of your loved one, our supportive staff, specifically trained, may be the ideal solution.

Personalized Elderly Care Services

At Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E., we understand that the circumstances of each older adult and caregiver are unique. It is no doubt your desire to allow your loved ones to enjoy as much independence as possible while also keeping them safe and healthy. Individual care plans may include durable medical equipment, personal emergency response alarm buttons, home care nurses, or chore providers.

Personal Care

Elderly care services can help with tasks such as bathing, dressing, and preparing meals. This is an enormous help if you need physical assistance with these tasks or simply need time to recharge your own batteries. Depending on the best option for older adults, our professionals can offer these services at a regularly scheduled time or at your convenience.

Emergency Response Alarms

Emergency response systems allow your loved one to have significant freedom for living alone while giving you peace of mind. This technology can monitor vital signs, detect falls, or allow older adults to contact emergency personnel instantly if needed.

Homecare Nurses

Our certified healthcare professionals can provide in-depth care for loved ones living at home. This may include reminding older adults to take medication, and controlling the proper dosage, assisting with recovery from injuries, managing dialysis at home, and other specialized health needs.

Chore Providers

These services are designed to alleviate the burden of caregivers. With dedicated personnel to handle essentials such as cleaning the home, performing repairs, maintaining the yard, and getting groceries, it’s much easier to care for senior adults in their own home or at your home.

By allowing you to customize care for your family member, not only can we help you stay within your budget, but we also ensure they receive the best attention.

A Beautiful Partnership With Caregivers

Senior Care Partners provides comprehensive, community-based healthcare for frail older adults. Our team works with family caregivers to “close the gap” on needed services, which will enable a frail elder to remain living at home as long as safely possible.

To learn more about our elderly care services, contact us online or call (269) 441-9319 today.