Comprehensive Medical Care by Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E.

At Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E., we understand that every patient has individual needs. Like every adult, their physical and psychological situation can vary from person to person. The goal of our compassionate caregivers and medical professionals is to treat the whole person in late-life through end-of-life. Our well-rounded, comprehensive health plan addresses the physical, emotional, social, and every day living needs that our ailing Michigan elderly may face.

Our Professionals

In order to provide the best medical services possible, we have assembled a remarkable team of health care professionals. Medical doctors work alongside physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physical, recreational, and occupational therapists to keep our patients healthy and mobile. Medical social workers are available to assist patients and families with the financial and emotional impacts of illness. Other needs are addressed by dieticians, dentists, audiologists, and podiatrists.

Home and In-Patient Care

Our caring team is here to support our elderly, no matter where they are. We work with caregivers in the patient’s home or even in nursing homes and hospitals. Home care can include providing cleaning services, healthcare services, and delivery of prepared meals made specifically for our participants.  We also provide transportation to and from Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E and to medically necessary appointments.

Center-Based and Day Center Services

The advantages of getting treatment at our facilities extend far beyond just the medical services we provide. We ensure that our patients have plenty of opportunities for social activities to encourage good emotional health and cognitive function. We serve a light breakfast and full lunch, essential for those on limited incomes or who have difficulty making meals for themselves. We also provide nutritional counseling to help our patients understand what their particular dietary needs are for optimal health and wellness.

Emotional Support

Spiritual and emotional support is vital for those who are experiencing illness and loss of independence. Our compassionate therapists and counselors are trained in treating the particular issues that come with cognitive degeneration, as well as in providing grief support for those who may be losing friends and peers. The loss of independence can cause depression, which can be diagnosed and treated as part of the personalized health care plan. The importance of emotional support to quality of life should not be underestimated.

Respite Care

Another form of emotional support that is critical for those who care for the elderly in their homes is respite care. We recognize that the caregivers are often overlooked, and that can impact not only the quality of care that the patient receives, but also can risk the health and well-being of the caregiver. Respite care gives the caregiver time off to get their own healthcare needs met, run errands, rest, or take some time off to spend with their families.

Medication Management

One of the risks of going to separate doctors for the elderly is overmedication. Many older patients do not know or understand what medications they are already taking, and they frequently fail to question the prescribing physician before filling a new prescription. This can lead to serious complications. With our integrated team of healthcare providers, we can make sure that the medications prescribed are the optimal combination to treat the symptoms without causing conflicts or adverse reactions.

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When you or a family member are seeking comprehensive medical services in Michigan, we are the trusted healthcare provider you need. What sets Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E. apart from other providers is our commitment to not only the health of our patients but also their quality of life. We treat the whole person from late-life through end-of-life. Contact us today for more information about our services and how to get started. Call (269) 441-9319 for info.

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